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Blood borne pathogen exposure

13 Jan 2021 2:19 PM | Paul Willis

If you are in the cleaning business in any capacity, there is a very good chance that you may be exposed to to blood borne pathogens. Exposures to these pathogens are not limited to just healthcare settings.

It is strongly encouraged that anyone handling any type of waste, cleaning restrooms, or even mopping floors in any type of facility be knowledgable in the prevention of cross-contamination of blood borne pathogens. These pathogens can be found in saliva, vomit, feces, as well as blood. 

It is a common occurrence for employees, and visitors to go to the restroom to vomit, tend to a laceration, or more commonly use the toilet. If you are not knowledgeable in the proper use of tools, protective equipment, and procedure need for proper cleaning of your restroom, you could expose yourself, and others to a blood borne illness. 

You should learn, about the proper sanitizing, and disinfection process, of all equipment used in cleaning up all potential hazards. This should also include the proper disposal of all protective equipment and material used for cleanup. (ie towels, rags, or sponges) Proper disposal includes placing affected materials in properly color coded, and clearly labeled receptacles.


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