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The Importance of Cleaning and OSHA

15 Jan 2021 3:23 PM | Waynesha Carter

Gaining a deeper knowledge about the importance of cleaning Bloodborne pathogens and OSHA is not just important for cleaners. Having this knowledge is important for all people because these problems not only exist inside of health care facilities it happens in restaurants, and inside of homes as well. I believe it will be beneficial for all families that have or deal with these issues involving the needs of this specific cleaning service people should be able to have this type of training course free of charge.

This training should be promoted more because there are a number of people like myself who have no understanding of the importance and proper cleaning techniques when it comes to cleaning Bloodborne pathogens. Following standard precautions to help prevent the spread of Bloodborne pathogens whenever there is a risk of exposure to blood or other body fluids are extremely important. Most people treat blood and other body fluids as if it was infectious, but if it was to happen in your presence and came down to you being the only one to clean it up it would be great to have that knowledge on knowing how to properly clean up the mess.

Even if a facility or home looks clean, bloodborne pathogens could be lurking in tiny drops. It's important to treat all places as if they are hazardous to your health. The Bloodborne pathogen cleaning certificate course will be beneficial to me since I plan to do residential cleaning including cleaning restrooms which contain body fluids. I plan to learn more about the importance of Bloodborne pathogens, that's why I decided to take this course.


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