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17 Jan 2021 9:11 AM | Anonymous

Working in the Cleaning field you want to go into someone space, residential or commercial and give them the best customer service you can. Your first impression is everything. Take it from me you want your client to feel as if your there to serve them. So before you even start your day make sure your energy is going to match theirs. You always want to take into consideration how you make people feel when you meet them, can you add value to their space. When you meet them always provide a smile and give eye contact always! Make sure your taking notes as your doing a walk through of everything that need to be cleaned, it gives the client the feeling that your listening to them and not just rushing through a job.

Your company will go far as long as you smile, give eye contact and make sure you're listening to their needs. Once everything is checkoff the list you created show them before you leave and make sure you do a walk through again when your finish. It just shows that you are making sure all of their needs are being met! after the job is complete make sure you contact the client for follow up to make sure they were satisfied and will recommend to others. You also can make up satisfaction surveys and send via email. Make sure you get all of your clients emails so this can go smoothly.


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