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How Important Are Janitors & Janitorial Staff To Our Daily Lives "

24 Feb 2021 6:21 AM | Anonymous member

What would our world look like if we did not have janitors and janitorial staff to help clean it up? It would be extremely dirty and filthy. Having cleaning staff that takes pride in their work and does a good job cleaning is important to our daily lives.

I was an RN in an hospital for 10yrs. I saw first hand the repercussions of not having enough janitorial staff towards the end of my hospital career. Unfortunately, the deep cleaning job they would do to keep bacteria and viruses that endanger to us, especially drug resistance in so many of these healthcare related infections. These infections were much fewer when we there was plenty of janitorial and commercial cleaning staff and they took pride in the job they did to keep us all safe.

Janitors, housekeepers, commercial and janitorial staff are the foundation of our world. By keeping the environment clean, sanitized and disinfectant-ed to stop these dangerous pathogens in their tracks and keeping them from being spread. These "superstars" as I call them because working in a dirty environment can make anyone turn their nose up. Janitors and commercial cleaners are also helping keep this Covid-19 pandemic in halt by taking on these dangerous areas to clean to keep this virus from spreading. We need to thank warriors for their selflessness and integrity to take on such a thankless job! 573 Cleaning Solutions LLC


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