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The Importance of Green Cleaning

23 Jan 2021 5:24 PM | Georgios Stathopoulos

Nowadays, I hear a lot about “Green Cleaning”. This method is encouraged to be adopted by the cleaning industry because it’s safe, and is an innovative and sustainable practice in comparison with the “good old cleaning” practices. Green cleaning has proven to have many benefits. For example, increase productivity, reduces stress, improves health, and shows to the community that you are committed to maintain a sustainable environment. For these reasons, the cleaning industry has invested into researching better practices for the safety and benefit of the people who operate cleaning services as well as those customers who receive these services.


Since the benefits of Green Cleaning is understood, the next step is to implement the practice of Green Cleaning into the current business model. For that to happen, I will need to train my staff and cleaning techs. Training is the second most important asset to my company; the 1st important asset is always my staff and cleaning techs. Without training, my company will fail to meet its goal, and that is by providing a Green Cleaning service, our employees and customers will be at continued risk. When we train our employees, we want to make sure that when they go out to different projects, they are equipped with the necessary knowledge to complete all tasks without fail. Training ensures that the material was reviewed and understood. The next step is to test your staff to see if the information has been understood. Once that step is done, the next step is to go out at the field and apply the Green Cleaning practice at projects. To ensure that all work has been properly carried out, the work must be documented, and a supervisor must give their final approval that the work was properly completed. If there is a cleaning tech who has not applied the Green Cleaning practice properly, they must be provided with additional training and coaching to ensure that they understand the Green Cleaning practice.


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