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How to Find a Green Cleaning Service

23 Jan 2021 6:21 PM | Hannah Hollingsworth

When looking for a trusted green cleaning service, it is important to keep many questions in mind. How does this business or service operate/what are their green cleaning guidelines? Do they have certain products used during service? If so, what are these products and how are they sourced? Are these products safe for children and pets? Are they eco-friendly and biodegradable? 

There are many resources one has nowadays that allows one to check out a business to ensure the business is as they advertise. Doing a quick google search for "green or natural cleaning services in my area" might pop up many options, but to get a fully certified, checked-out business, another great resource is using one like IJCSA's Green Cleaning Service Directory. Knowing that the cleaning business you are hiring is certified and knowledgable about green cleaning, is a great way to ensure you are working with a business who is taking the care to provide better health and safety guidelines for their employees and for their clients without using harsh chemicals.

Knowing what products the business uses is also a huge step in making sure you are hiring a proper green cleaning service. A great resource for this is using the Environmental Working Group's website to get a rating on the product toxicity and a breakdown of what chemicals are present within the product being used. EWG specifically certifies certain products that are eco-friendly and safe to use with their official "EWG Certified" seal of approval. Having the knowledge of what products the business you have hired is using, is a great way to make certain that the products are safe, natural, and environmentally friendly. This also takes into account that some "green" product companies aren't truly green. They may appear green and safe to use on the service of the label, but may actually be greenwashed, and are falsely advertising a "safe" product, when in reality, the product might still contain harmful or harsh chemicals. This is why it is important to know for certain what products a company is proudly using and representing.

It is also important to keep in mind that some green cleaning companies might decide to create their own homemade green cleaning products. Many of these products may contain ingredients one may find in their home, such as vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, borax, and essential oils. This may be a very good sign that the products being used are safe, simple, and effective within your home, as long as there is a good knowledge of how these ingredients may be used. Keep in mind however, that these companies should also always ensure that the client or anyone within the home or building being cleaned, does not have any allergies to the ingredients or essential oils. 

These are some great tips for how to find a good green cleaning service. It is always a good idea to do thorough research and to verify that the service you have chosen is advertising themselves properly and that they are using safe and eco-friendly products.


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