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Being Green Cleaning Certified

14 Feb 2021 6:03 PM | Hannah Hollingsworth

Why does it benefit me, an individual, or a business to be "Green Cleaning Certified"?

There are many reasons for wanting to be certified within the realm of green cleaning, but having peace of mind over product ingredients being safe and effective and environmentally friendly, promoting green cleaning amongst employees and within the community, and providing safe alternatives to service my client's homes, are some of the greatest reasons and benefits for wanting to have an official certification.

One of the absolute greatest benefits I see to having a green cleaning certification is the knowledge of what products or ingredients I am using within my business. I want to make sure that the products I use are safe, effective, eco-friendly and biodegradable. I have a big heart for the environment, and in return, I know that having an official green cleaning certification will allow me to feel accomplished that I am following the proper green cleaning guidelines and using the right products to keep myself, my clients, and the environment safe from harsh chemicals.

Having a green cleaning certification would also allow me to educate others and to influence those I work with the importance of green cleaning and the importance of using natural and safe cleaning alternatives. I strive to keep myself and those I work with safe, and having a green cleaning certification would only enhance my dedication to others to show them that I care about the environment and their safety. Having such a certification would also influence others, I would hope, to do their own research and to investigate using all natural cleaning products and to use guides such as IJCSA's Green Cleaning Directory to find green cleaning services that are properly certified within the green cleaning field. This by default, leads to a more knowledgable and well-rounded community that is safe and free from hazardous chemicals.

Knowing what chemicals I am bringing into not only my own home, but my client's homes, is another huge benefit to having a green cleaning certification. I can tell my client's with confidence that I know my information, and can tell them proudly, that I know how to look for and use green cleaning alternatives that have been proven safe and effective and can proudly advertise green cleaning products that have not been greenwashed.

Whether an individual or a business, being green cleaning certified is a huge step in providing others with the confidence that you have a good knowledge of chemicals, green cleaning products and procedures, and promotes and builds trust with that other individual. 


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