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Importance of Cleaning Services Recognizing Bloodborne Pathogens

08 Apr 2023 8:27 PM | Richard Porter

In many environments that we provide janitorial services, it is highly likely that we will come into contact with blood soiled products during the normal course of our duties. From industrial settings to office settings, normal everyday accidents occur. Aside from accidents, there are employees with medical conditions that require the use of needles. All of these situations increase the risk of exposure to blood.

Proper training is the only way to ensure employees in the field are prepared to deal with these hazards and accidents. There are standards and best practices to follow when coming into contact with a bloodborne pathogen. Proper training ensures that employees understand how to clean, disinfect, and dispose of material.

Trash should not be manually compressed due to possible hazards from sharp materials. OSHA standards require that all blood-soiled material be disposed of in a red biohazard bad. Sharps should be disposed of in a puncture resistant container. Following these standards, and protocols, will help ensure the safest possible work environment.


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