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"How important are janitors and janitorial staff to our daily lives."

22 Mar 2023 4:51 PM | Robert&Tammy Harris

  Janitors and janitorial staff of commercial cleaning companies play an important part in our lives, even though many of us don't realize it.

  Janitorial companies that employ these janitors and janitorial staff members are responsible for protecting the occupants of Office buildings, Medical buildings, Banks, Schools, Day cares, etc. They are also protecting the customers that visit these places, by cleaning with the proper chemicals and using the correct cleaning techniques these janitors and janitorial staff members can effectively remove the bacteria, viruses and other contaminants.  The benefits of a properly cleaned building is fewer illnesses, sick days and higher morale to name a few.  For its guests it is more inviting and helps prevent them from carrying germs and viruses out and spreading them to the public.

  It may seem easy to accomplish these things, but some janitors and janitorial staffers are under trained or improperly trained.  In fact some janitorial companies are just concerned about making money, not about the health of a building or its occupants...sad but true.  Others take what they do seriously and even seek certification like IJCSA to show that they are committed to quality and cleanliness of the accounts they service.  Cleaning has a lot of health risks because of the numerous chemicals and Bloodborne pathogens or other possibly infectious material that is used and handled on a daily basis.  It is also a physical job because many spend hours on their feet, bending, stooping, lifting repeatedly.  Many don't realize the demands of this profession, thusly one reason why it has a high turnover rate.

  So next time you enter a building and you notice how well it is cleaned, tell a janitor or someone who can hopefully let that janitor know about the compliment...they seldom hear one-


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