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Why Cleaning Healthcare Facilities is So Important

17 Dec 2022 1:13 PM | Jessica Beranek

Hospitals and Doctor's offices, where we go to get better, not get a newly acquired infection.  Healthcare facilities can be a hot bed of bacteria and viruses if not properly maintained.  The safety if not only patients, but doctors, staff and visitors may be at risk if safety protocols for cleaning are not followed.

While flu viruses can live on non porous surfaces up to 48 hours and on porous surfaces up to 12 hours; that leaves a large window of time if left unattended for a variety of people to come into contact and become infected. The simple act of  a patient touching a light switch, followed by a doctor touching it could potentially infect the doctor who would then pass that on to another patient and so on.  

Additionally, immunocompromised patient's health relies on a very clean environment to make sure no more viruses or infections are introduced into their surroundings.  Improper handling of linens could potentially stir up pathogens that prove infectious.  As well as bloodborne pathogens if improperly handled and cleaned could prove to be infectious to anyone that may come into contact and ultimately could potentially be deadly.  Using a knowledgable company is a must to maintain safety.  Search the for your next certified Medical Cleaning Company at:

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