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The Importance of the Cleaning Staff in our Daily Lives

03 Feb 2023 7:43 AM | Deleted user

The cleaning staff plays an extremely important role in the health and wellbeing of our daily lives.  The lead janitor and janitorial staff ensures that our client is operating in a clean and safe environment.  Because we help create the environment for our customers, we ensure that our work is done in a manner that is safe and detailed.  With that being said, each area that we clean has site specific needs and the janitorial staff provides us with constant focus to these needs and much needed attention to detail.  We must never underestimate the importance of our roles in regards to the health and safety of the general public, our customers.

The  janitorial staff has 4 main functions during day-to-day operations and while under assignment.  The janitorial staff may be responsible for opening the facility, policing the facility, performing tasks in specialized areas, or responding to special requests.  The janitorial staff also bears the responsibility to minimizing customer complaints by ensuring that our clients needs are being met.  Undoubtedly, the janitorial staff is the front line to any operation.

Not only is the janitorial staff instrumental in ensuring a clean and safe environment by actively policing an assigned facility,  but the janitorial staff also becomes a part of the customer's daily staff as well.  Because of this, we must represent our clients with a cheerful, professional, and polished experience at all times.  Therefore, the communication of the janitorial staff is also imperative in the daily operation of our assigned job sites.  

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