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Importance of Bloodborne Pathogen Knowledge

23 Jun 2023 5:11 PM | Joseph Albergo

Bloodborne pathogens can be extremely infectious to humans and can cause some serious, permanent damage in some cases. Preventing yourself and the general public from exposure to these pathogens should be a top priority, especially to all those people in the cleaning industry.

 As a commercial cleaner and housekeeper, exposure to these pathogens may not cross ones mind very often, if at all; but in reality the presence and exposure of these pathogens may be more likely than you think. Dentist's offices, doctor's offices, schools and other places that may house needles or bodily fluids may contain traces of these sometimes life threatening micro-organisms.

If one is employed as a cleaner or owns a cleaning business, being educated in bloodborne pathogens, implementing universal precautions, and protective practices can literally be life saving. For housekeepers and cleaners, especially with medical clients, not only is this knowledge important, it's their responsibility and duty.


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