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14 Mar 2023 11:14 AM | Deleted user

Employees knowing about bloodborne pathogens keeps everyone safe by providing security for customers, ensuring safe practices and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Employees being educated about bloodborne pathogens provides security for customers. It ensure that the services rendered are not harming the client whether it is commercial or residential sector. In the commercial is also ensures safety of the client's client that they proved their services for too. It provides trust and stability among everyone which ensure business relationships continue to thrive and grow.

Employees that educated on bloodborne pathogens ensure safe practices are being followed. Now that the employee is educated they know the risk of what could happen if they don't follow the proper protocol. They can also use universal precautions to keep themselves and other around them safe. They are now educated on how to use PPE, sharps and what to do in case of an emergency. This reduces the fatalities, injuries and illness that happen while working.

Cleaning employees that are educated in bloodborne pathogens avoid unnecessary cost. They don't make the mistakes that can put themselves and other at risk. This keeps HR and hospital visits at a low which ensure continued growth. This also keeps risk of insurance claims and risk of injury lower which allow more more money for training and growth of the company.


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