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The importance of knowing about bloodborne pathogens

28 Mar 2023 8:17 PM | JAMI MARTIN

     Bloodborne pathogens are extremely important to educate yourself on. This is important for both employer and employee to understand equally. No one is above the negative ramifications when coming in contact with bloodborne pathogens, and all face the same risk exposure. 

     Exposure to contaminated bloodborne pathogens can include HIV, HVB, and Hepatitis just to name a few.  Some of these diseases may not show symptoms for several years, and can result in death. Proper knowledge of how to clean and disinfect is crucial in safety of yourself and others. 

     Employers must follow proper safety precations when handling situations where an employee comes in contact with bloodborne pathogens. These include following OSHA guidelines, keeping a journal of employee exposures, and having correct medical supplies available. These records are kept for long periods of time in the event that an employee shows signs of illness due to past exposure. 



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