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Being Green Cleaning Certified

28 Sep 2023 9:47 AM | Joseph Albergo

Having a green cleaning certification aids one's business and as an individual in many ways. Having the knowledge of green cleaning and how to implement it to a client can be very lucrative if done properly. Working with the client and explaining the health benefits will surely convince them of expanding their current cleaning schedule to green cleaning. 

Most cleaners and clients may not want a fully green cleaning schedule due to cost and effectiveness. Usually certain aspects of the job can always be switched to green cleaning. This switch is extremely helpful in limiting the client and cleaner to harmful chemicals. The less the client, the cleaner and myself are around harmful chemicals the better. 

Many products such as bleach seem common and not overly dangerous, but many common household cleaners are extremely toxic. Even when used properly there is always some form of contact. Whether is be through touch or inhalation, it will usually be harmful in some way. These effects may not be felt for many years so the sooner more green cleaning is implemented the better for all parties involved.

Even little things like switching from glass cleaner to a vinegar and water mixture are very beneficial. The more small changes like this that are made will eventually yield massive returns in everyone's health. If all cleaning companies focused on green cleaning the population's health as a whole would be drastically improved.


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