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Know Better, Do Better...

20 Mar 2024 1:02 PM | CarrieAnne Bailey

I think we are all tired these days. Confused from the pandemic and beginning to try and navigate this life of pathogens, world crisis, politics and ever-growing crime. We all must adapt unfortunately, until the situation gets better. I won't add an alternative to that, because it must get better. In the end, most of us just want to live happy, healthy, clean, prosperous and in love with our homes, families and safety and one thing we learned from the pandemic is, cleanliness is essential, and I believe we have all made strides to do better and make the necessary changes that will behoove our lives and keep the germs and illnesses away as best as possible. 

Janitorial work, especially in the commercial realm is not for the faint of heart, but just as teachers love to teach and doctors love to heal, cleaning is in the heart and soul of those that choose this profession. Making things livable, wiping the handprints, the germs, the pathogens away is a satisfaction achieved by those of us who do it out of love and respect for the space we all share, the lobbies, churches, doctor's offices or the homes of the busy that are making their strides and have chosen to delegate. Then there are those that have faced catastrophic losses, illness, depression and other avenues that have caused the cleaning part of their lives to take a backseat to actual living and luckily, a company, especially those in the directory of the IJCSA, that are just a phone call away to help. Companies that have taken the measures to be in a partnership that are like-minded and want nothing more than to help those that need help, and make spaces livable, clean, safe and geared towards green and environmentally friendly. Spaces that allow us to congregate that should and deserve to be clean and inviting. 

I have worked in healthcare for many years and saw the downtrodden and overworked janitorial staff, doing their part to clean and do the best they can while others took that for granted. Patients remaining sick for things like a simple table wipe down and better instrument decontamination practices could have prevented. Some people love the smell of wildflowers or expensive perfume, and don't get me wrong I love and appreciate those things as well, but there is nothing like a germicide, or a good (albeit faint) bleach smell that gets me motivated. How satisfying it is to pressure wash the mold and make things new again. It makes me smile and look for my gloves just thinking about it. 

Just know, when you hire a reputable company, such as the hard-working companies you will find that are IJCSA certified, you are hiring those that have made it their mission to work tirelessly in order to give you that same fuzzy feeling of love through disinfectants. 


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