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The importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

28 Feb 2024 9:04 PM | Robert Stewart

Coming into contact with blood is dangerous. Knowing and understanding the precautions of handling bloodborne pathogens could mean preventing illnesses and dealth. Continuous review of and prevention practices of OSHA's guildlines and standards with employees and staff will help elimate or reduce exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Not everyone who comes into contact with bloodborne pathogens work in a healthcare environment. Cleaning employees and staff face these types of risk as well. Being knowledgeable about what bloodborne pathogens are and the risks associated with coming in contact with it encourages safe working habbits.

Cleaning employees and staff who are educated about bloodborne pathogens are vital assets in preventing the spread of infections. When they are aware of the modes of transmission of pathogens, they can take the necessary measures and precautions to reduce or eliminate the risk of infection for themselves and others. Having properly trained, educated or certified staff and employees is a huge factor in the overall safety and protection of themselves and others.


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