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The importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

21 Nov 2023 3:54 AM | Keumsub Han

In the healthcare realm, cleanliness is paramount to safeguarding patients from infection. Cleaning employees and staff, often overlooked, form the backbone of a clean environment. Their tasks expose them to bloodborne pathogens, posing serious threat.

Enpowering cleaning employees with knowledge about bloodborne pathogens is crucial for their health and the well-being of the community. Understanding transmission routes, the importance of PPE, and proper disposal procedures, these frontline workers play a pivotal role in preventing the spread of life-threatening infections.

Equipping cleaning employees with knowledge fosters a culture of safety and responsibility, empowering them to make informed decisions, recognize hazards, and act promptly in the event of exposure. This proactive approach safeguards their health and creats a safer environment for patients and staff alike.  


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