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Harmful effects of using everyday cleaning chemicals Compared to Natural Green Products

15 Feb 2024 10:20 PM | Paulo Filho

It is highly important to implement more natural green cleaning products compared to toxic non-green cleaning chemicals. Sometimes we try to save money but with a hidden cost such as on our health and the environment. Green products offer a safer alternative to keep our homes and facilities clean while minimizing the adverse affects on our well being and planet.

Conventional cleaning products often a myriad of harsh chemicals and substances such as ammonia, chlorine and phthalates. Prolonged exposure to these types of chemicals are linked to health issues including respiratory issues, skin problems, allergic reactions and more. Some also release fumes that can exacerbate pre-existing conditions like asthma. In contrast, natural products typically made from plant based substances can potentially reduce the risk of harmful chemical exposure while also promoting healthier indoor conditions.

Environmental impacts are huge due to the everyday use of cleaning chemicals. Some products contain synthetic, non-biodegradable chemicals that contribute to water and soil pollution. Not only that but the manufacturing of these harmful chemicals release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere that we breathe. On the other hand, green cleaning products prioritize sustainability and biodegradable components with more environmentally friendly packaging.

Harmful cleaning products also contain artificial fragrances and dyes that can trigger allergies and sensitivities in some people. If you have respiratory or skin conditions, exposure to these can lead to discomfort and worth health conditions. Green cleaning products as those used by some of the green cleaning companies in IJCSA are typically free from synthetic fragrances and other harsh dyes, making them safer choices.

Making a switch to more natural green cleaning solutions helps address health concerns and more long term benefits. As consumers opt for more eco friendly products, there is an ever growing demand for sustainable and responsible manufacturing. I recommend making more conscious choices in your cleaning routines and solutions to help contribute to healthier home and planet.


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