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IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified

17 Mar 2024 11:03 PM | Paulo Filho

As we make a shift to more green cleaning in our company we look forward to providing a safer environment for our staff as well as our clients and their guests that use their facilities. We plan on doing two things when it comes to implementing a green cleaning program daily into our company Celestial Commercial Cleaning Service. We plan to implement proper certified education on what is and what isn't toxic as well as how to use green cleaning products safely to mitigate risks to health and the environment.

By implementing and paying for certified education on green cleaning programs for our staff, we ensure that our staff is up to date with changing information and proper education on what is considered toxic like chlorine, ammonia, phthalates and other harsh chemicals. Not only that but we educate our staff with what products to use that are considered green and how to use them properly to curb exposure and protect our health and our planet. 

Lastly we implement green programs and systems to ensure our staff knows how to properly use green cleaning chemicals so that we lower exposure and protect ourselves and our clients. With proper training, we will ensure healthier staff and clients, economic benefits, improved productivity, reliability, and savings across the board.


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