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Bloodborne pathogens And Personal Protective Equipment

03 Mar 2024 2:23 PM | Jonathan Mendoza

Understanding Universal precautions and bloodborne pathogens is something that all employers and employees should learn and know. As an employer with J & E Cleaning Co. LLC, it is with great importance that I keep the safety of my employees as my main priority. Dealing with the possibilities of exposures and potential hazards of infectious diseases and bloodborne pathogens (i.e. HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, as well as many other ailments or diseases that can be acquired) on a daily basis can be intimidating. Here at J & E Cleaning Co. LLC we will make sure that all precautions are seen and that you are strongly protected on our end. But Precaution is a huge part of the responsibility of the employee as well. Especially universal precautions and knowing where your hazards are. Wearing your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a great determent and step in the right direction of your own personal safety from exposure.

Bloodborne pathogens are diseases and viruses that get passed along through exposure from bodily fluids (i.e. blood, sputum, vomit and others) this can lead to illness and even death. Symptoms don't usually show for some time, it is good to be vigilant to any symptoms if you think you have possibly been exposed. In the case of exposure through splash, break in skin or being poked by a sharp. Please contact your supervisor and/or boss immediately in order to take the proper actions according to company protocol. After going through all protocols with your supervisor and/or boss, it is a good idea to also contact your personal care physician so that any and all post exposure actions can be taken to ensure that you're taken care of adequately.

Personal protective equipment also known as PPE are articles of protection for the safety of our staff members during cleaning and disposal. Personal protective equipment consists of the following: Eye protection, gloves, mask & sometimes even isolation/impervious gowns. As your employer at J & E Cleaning Co. LLC, it is my duty to keep you as an employee safe and free from as much harm and/or exposure as possible. By providing you the proper PPE through our company or having one of our contracted facilities providing the appropriate articles upon arrival. As much as it is my duty, it is also the duty of you the employee to ensure that you are donning all of these articles when necessary upon cleaning certain areas where required.


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