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  Storm Damage Update 4/17/24  - We are experiencing high call volume. To find a certified water damage restoration service near you please click here. 

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Finding A Professional You Can Trust

15 Apr 2024 6:14 PM | William Boston

Did you know that even a slight amount of mold in your home can create a dire medical situation? Did you know that when you clean visible mold, there is often hidden mold that will continue to grow? This is why it is imperative to locate and hire a trained professional to inspect and treat if you speculate that you may have a mold issue in your home. Finding a professional with the experience and knowledge needed to properly locate the mold, locate the source of moisture, and remove all hazards can be as easy as one website. By using IJCSA's Flood Damage Directory, you can be put in contact with a certified specialist in your area who can answer all of your questions and provide service backed with top-notch training. Through this program, professionals are trained to locate the source of moisture, determine the entiriety of hidden mold damages, and remove or apply appropriate chemicals to properly clean the affected areas. Through this FREE service, you can find a professional that you can trust to complete the job with your safety in mind. 


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