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The Importance of Janitorial Staff

18 Apr 2024 6:51 AM | Jeannette Rivera

Our daily lives are impacted by Janitorial staff in ways we don't recognize such as being kept away from harmful illnesses, the presentation of a building we may enter and deem as presentable looking, and enhancing the overall public health. The members that are apart of the Janitorial services are dedicated to ensuring a healthy enviornment which helps not only how we interact with the environment outside, but our own home life. As we walk around we may not realize how much we actually touch things in buildings we may enter that can cause contamination if kept unclean, but the Janitorial services that do thorough cleaning daily are what keeps us from spreading any viruses or any type of harmful pathogen.

Moreover, janitorial services play a pivotal role in each building they dedicate to clean, such as a school building, where kids run rampant with many types of germs that can easily cause a school wide infection. As the janitorial staff comes each day to clean, these harmful infections are eliminated through disinfecting, dusting, mopping, and more. They wear proper personal protective equipment as they do these services to ensure that they don't carry the harmful bacteria on themselves. An example of this would be rubber gloves used when cleaning would be promptly disinfected after each use as to not spread any bacteria that came in contact with the rubber gloves. 

Additionally, as each building is cleaned to OSHA standards, the building itself is deemed as extremely presentable and can be taken with pride knowing you are in an environment that is thoroughly cleaned and looking the best it can be with the helps of the janitorial services. The building enhances the overall mood of employees knowing they are not in a dirty environment where they are cautious to touch things around them, but are comfortable. The public health is also enhanced in turn knowing you won't easily be carrying any harmful pathogens that may come from the building itself. 



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