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The importance of employees and staff knowing about proper bloodborne pathogens protocol.

05 Apr 2024 10:34 PM | Mikayla Quon

It is extremely important for staff and employees to know and follow the protocol in regards to bloodborne pathogens because it can be the difference between someone or themselves contacting a very serious bloodborne diseases. Dealing with these possibly infectious materials while cleaning in a medical environment can expose you to micro organisms such as HIV, HPV, HBV, and much more. 

   Some common ways of exposure are through the mucous membrane. This can be your mouth, nose, or eyes. Other ways of exposure are through a cut or break in the skin. some fluid to note that carry these bloodborne pathogens are blood, vomit, and feces. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention established the Universal Precaution approach. This means you are to consider all blood and fluids to be infectious so you will always take the precautions to minimize the risks of exposure. 

      The protective practices that have been put into place to help minimize exposure are to always wear gloves and protective eye and hair wear when necessary. wearing special clothing to ensure it is not too baggy to be getting into contaminated fluids. Always use the appropriate cleaners that eliminate the pathogens. When taking out the laundry, always make sure you are putting it into color coded or labeled bags to let people know that it is to be handed with precaution. this means it will be color coded orange or red. Needles can be hiding in bedding so take that precaution. 

      Always wash your hands thoroughly! this is SO important. You also need to make sure to wash all bucks and equipment used to clean with. This needs to be sanitized with the same solutions used to eliminate infectious fluids. If you have been exposed or you think you have been exposed you need to contact your supervisor immediately. You also need to contact your Doctor. There are certain diseases that can take years to show symptoms.

     It is so important to follow these steps because it is in your best interest to stay healthy. It is also to protect your family and friends at home and in your personal life, The clients at the Medical establishment, and the employees that work there. Its always best to take the most precaution. 


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