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Being green cleaning certified

08 Apr 2024 12:14 PM | Javier Borceguin

I am now thankfully certified to do green cleaning for all of my customers! Thanks to the IJCSA, I am now able to offer green cleaning services to my customers as well as provide a better work environment for my employees. I have a lot of plans to include these new practices into my own business. 

One thing I will start to do is to convert to green cleaning products that are certified to work tough on those stains while taking it easy on the health of my workers and Earth environment. I will also start implementing greener ingredients in my cleaning, such as mixing vinegar and water to make a good cleaner that works well on stains as well on bad odors that can plague a work environment. 

Another way of implementing my green cleaning to the workplace is using trash bags that are biodegradable. These biodegradable bags break down after some time in the sun, making them perfect for cutting down the use of plastic in the world. This would also improve morale in the work place since others will see that I will be turning greener and perhaps become inspired to do the same!


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