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Bloodborne pathogen and the one who clean it

11 Apr 2024 2:49 PM | Hassan Romeo

Cleaning workers are very important .They maintain a clean environment and a safe one as well .They are aware of the dangers that can be found in unclean environments such as blood borne pathogens.

Blood borne pathogens are. Pathogenic Microganisms in the blood .They can cause disease in humans.Diseases such as Hepatitis B and H.I.V. .Most exposure comes from contact from mucus membrane or breaks in the skin.

To eliminate exposure to H.I.V.or HPV.Cleaning employees must follow the OSHA Blood borne pathogen Standard.These guidelines are life saving critical information that must be followed.Some examples are to wear protective gear ,hand washing,never eat or drink in contaminated area,never resume towels or needles,always label containers when transporting or disposing of contaminated items.You always tell your boss and doctor if you feel you have been exposed .Cleaning employees should always follow the standard and always be aware and safe.


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