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The importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens.

15 Apr 2024 3:25 PM | Alejandro Ordazcaraveo

The first thing that pops up into my head when it comes to bloodborne pathogens are the possible dangers of being exposed to a serious illness. As someone who is just starting in this business I have to understand how important it is to maintain safety standards for myself in order to be a positive leader for any future employees. 

From prior military service I understand how PPE can easily be looked over and even in some cases be made fun of. It is of the utmost importance to wear all PPE necessary in order to keep safety standards up while encouraging positive PPE use. In the case of exposure it is always important to follow universal precautions and have a plan in order to prevent longterm injury. Learning what HBV & HIV symptoms are can be very essential in the case of exposure.

The process should conclude with a thorough Decontamination. Any and all exposure risks should be cleaned with the proper products and disposed of properly. In color coded bags such as red or orange. This also includes Decontaminating any and all tools used for the cleanup. Understanding each and every step about cleaning/working with bloodborne pathogens are very important and crucial to any cleaning business/company.


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