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How I plan to implement a mold cleaning operation into your business, or the benefits of having a mold cleaning program.

15 Apr 2024 4:25 PM | Alejandro Ordazcaraveo

I actually intend on mold cleaning/prevention to be my main advertised service I offer. I live in Michigan where a lot of things like to freeze over and later on melt. Moisture is a big problem even in freezers or fridges. I plan on advertising my business by knocking door to door for a while as well as handing flyers and business cards out. I was inspired by a mold outbreak I found in when moving into a new place. I believe mold is more common than we might think is and I'd like to help prevent mold and keep people safe by spreading information as mold can be lethal in some cases. 

I believe having a mold cleaning service would be beneficial to any cleaning business because when things are dirty mold is often nearby. Imagine having to call another cleaner or inspector instead of being able to charge and do it yourself. Even if you only offer the information to the client. It'll be a very good way to show your professionalism/experience as well as building repor with clients. 


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