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Nova Achieves IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification: Leading the Way in Sustainable Practices

16 Apr 2024 3:04 PM | Sophia Silva

Nova Commercial Company Inc.(Nova) proud to be a Green Cleaning Certified company through the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA), which shows our leadership in the green cleaning movement and our adherence to environmentally responsible cleaning practices that safeguard both health and the planet. Our certification from the IJCSA reflects our determination to apply sustainable methods and use eco-friendly products in all our operations. This commitment not only matches global environmental goals but also ensures that our clients get the highest standard of cleanliness in a way that supports their health and well-being.

Nova doesn't just claim to be green; we live by it in our everyday work. We select products and equipment that are green certified, which means they have less environmental impact while still delivering quality cleaning results. These practices lower the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, enhancing indoor air quality and lowering allergens. Additionally, our use of microfiber technology, gentle detergents, and effective equipment helps in saving resources like water and energy, supporting a more eco-friendly environment.

Furthermore, Nova having the IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification improves our appeal and marketability to a wide range of customers and businesses who are mindful of the environment and want to meet their corporate social responsibilities. We are featured in the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory, which makes it convenient for potential clients to search for and select our services, knowing they are working with a company that values health-conscious and sustainable cleaning methods. This certification not only sets us apart in the competitive cleaning industry but also demonstrates our professionalism and creative approach to green cleaning.

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