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The Importance of Understanding Bloodborne Pathogens

13 May 2024 12:10 PM | Rachelle Hiltbrand

Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms that are carried in the blood and can cause disease with anyone who comes into contact with it. These diseases are serious and can have life long symptoms. This is why cleaning employees and staff need to know and understand bloodborne pathogens.

Blood that carries bloodborne pathogens cannot be identified just by looking at it so any type of blood and the cleanup should be handled with great care. A cleaning crew, especially those that clean in medical facilities, could come into contact with blood at some point. They need to have the understanding of how to handle these situations so that they can protect themselves.  Having the knowledge and understanding of how to handle these situations will help keep cleaning members safe.

Anyone on a cleaning team could be exposed to bloodborne pathogens which is why proper training is so critical. The “Universal Precaution” approach is essential in keeping cleaners safe and in helping prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens.


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