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Medical Cleaning Practices in Day to Day Residential and Commercial Cleaning

08 Apr 2023 5:31 PM | Benjamin Lewis

Medical cleaning practices can be used in the practice of cleaning everyday items such as bathrooms and trash cans.  How many people spit into trash cans?  This makes a potentially hazardous material that you could come into contact with.  Think of CoViD19 and the potential for it to spread.

Now wearing PPE and a mask makes more sense in your day to day actives.  Not using gloves and a mask isn't such a big deal.  Now keeping hands washed and gloves on seems much more valuable.  Unfortunately the risk has always been this high, we are just now taking it seriously.

Using Medical Cleaning Practices in our day to day activities in the only way we are going to get back to a normal life.  Stores must implement new policies and procedures to deal with this silent enemy that is upon us.

I plan to use TwinOxide brand Chlorine Dioxide, a hospital grade disinfectant to use in residential applications.  Studies show it can kill pathogens in air at a concentration around 0.05 ppm or less.  This means we can bring the same level of disinfection you expect at the ER operating room, right into the home.  There is no reason these procedures wouldn't work to help reduce the spread of harmful pathogens that may cause disease.


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