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Pandemic & Coronavirus - moving on with the times

13 Mar 2023 8:19 AM | Dora Valencia

As we all know, all of the sudden the changes has forced themselves upon us,  we must adjust and make changes in order to stay on top and move on. 

The whole meaning of clean has totally changed for good, so for me as janitor doing house cleaning, Coronavirus has forced me to take the concept of cleaning to the next level, so now it's not longer about general cleaning but is also much more disinfection. People want it and are demanding it, and I'm glad to provide a professional service that will help keep everyone safe. 

They said with every crisis there comes an opportunity, not that I wanted it this way to happen, but it is here and somebody has to do the cleaning properly, --that's why I'm with IJCSA taking this highly accredited certification  



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