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  • 11 Sep 2022 7:53 PM | Clint Garman

    There was a study in Canada by Tudor-Locke, et al (2011) which revealed, "Normative data indicate that healthy adults typically take between 4,000 and 18,000 steps/day."  This doesn't tell us how many people in the United Sates walk across carpet every day, but many office buildings have miles of carpet with a lot of people stepping 1,000's of times every weekday.  Even if an office building happens to not have trouble with geese getting feces on the parking lot and walkways, there is still a lot of dirt being constantly tracked in and stomped into the carpet.

    Most office buildings need to have their carpet and rugs cleaned.  Hard flooring in the office setting leaves the endless sound of voices echoing throughout the day, so many office buildings still have carpet.  Carpet cleaning is still in demand.  Especially if the operation is already cleaning restrooms, offices, and common areas for a customer, then it makes sense to periodically deep clean the carpets in the same building and get out what vacuums are not able.  Cleaning companies, let's speak up and make those carpet cleaning sales!

  • 10 Sep 2022 6:00 AM | Jessica Laurindo
    The costume services is the number one on business. Learn how to implement effective customer service by focusing on the costumer. And IJCSA teach a key customer service skill like, emotional intelligence; body language; clear communication and more.. 
  • 09 Sep 2022 11:07 PM | Akef Witt

    Properly Cleaning Healthcare Facilities Is So Important because it reduces the spread of infection, viruses and pathogens that can be deadly to millions of everyday people coming in and out of the facility.

    Every day, millions of people come in and out of healthcare facilities. Imagine going to a hospital for treatment and the facility is not properly cleaned, High Touch surfaces not fully disinfected, or ceiling lights so dusty that during treatment your body or wounds are exposed to it. This is why properly cleaning is needed.

    Using proper cleaning techniques throughout your facility is also always a great thing for professional appearance. People want to come to a facility that is cleaned, disinfected, and even though nothing is 100 percent effective, it is always good for your conscience to know you're at a place that is clean.

  • 08 Sep 2022 6:37 PM | Nieko Roberts

    Unless you are going to wait to use the bathroom until you get home, then public restrooms are the the primary option.

    So, if you use a bathroom, and it's not properly clean then you are at risk of an infection or illness. Let me also add depending how healthy you are, it can also affect how your cells respond so some people can be affected even more. 

    When you are working in an office, and it's not properly sanitized, or clean, then the indoor quality which is vital to our health can be affected which is super imperative as well.

    So, in conclusion Janitors are as important as all other front-line workers because they are the protectors of our health in a public setting

  • 08 Sep 2022 11:26 AM | Spencer Brown

    It is extremely important to properly clean all medical facilities including hospitals, medical, and dental offices. especially when we live in the world we do today with things like covid, monkey pox and many other viruses. this is why its important to always use the proper cleaning and disinfection.

    another reason why its so important to properly clean medical facilities is it stops the spread of infections, bacteria and viruses. by doing so you can keep the population safe from possible breakouts.

    Search the IJCSA directory for a certified healthcare cleaner. The standards of training are the best and ensure that you get the highest quality professionals available -

  • 07 Sep 2022 9:46 PM | David Sartin

    It is no secret that green cleaning techniques and products are much more environmentally friendly and that organizations such as the IJCSA have not only embraced this but have gone so far as to keep directories that allow those service providers to be easily found by the general public such as our own directory found at There is also no mystery to how it can make a positive impact on both your business and your personal/family life. There are many advantages green products have over traditional chemical cleaners.

    The first advantage is for the environment. Though it seems difficult to grasp from time to time, humans are not the only living beings on this planet. We share this space with other animals and organisms. Using green cleaning products and techniques has been proven to reduce the carbon footprint and drastically reduce the irreparable harm to our environment that traditional cleaners cause.

    While maintaining and managing the environment is of significant value to the planet's future, we can not look away from what using green techniques and products do for our individual and family health. Traditional cleaners have been made with harsh chemicals and caustics that have given rise to many a respiratory problem. So one of the best ways green cleaning has improved our health is by improving the quality of the air we breathe and eliminating the toxins that have enriched systemic health problems like asthma. There are still steps we have to take to completely rid ourselves of these terrible diseases but going green is the first step in making the transition easier.

    So, going green not only protects you and the ones you love but, it also protects the ecosystems and organisms that we depend on daily to survive. Keeping these systems healthy not only ensures our continued survival but it is essential in making sure our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities as they grown and develop.

  • 07 Sep 2022 3:11 PM | Spencer Brown

    medical buildings are not the only places that need medical cleaning practices. Offices and homes need just as much attention. especially if someone in the office or house has been too a hospital or been exposed to bloodboorne pathogens or other infectious bacteria. In that case you should wear the proper PPE and take the proper steps in order to keep yourself and other from possibly getting infected also to stop the bacteria from spreading 

    Another way of implementing medical cleaning practice in your commercial cleaning business is using the proper chemicals to make sure that all the bacteria is killed from any bodly fluid that is contaminating a desk top, table, and things of that nature.

    teaching your employees the importance of washing hands is another great way. as a cleaning company the health and safety of other should be at the top of your list. with proper cleaning of the hand it not only helps the bacteria from spreading but also helps the safety of yourself or your employees.

    these are just a few ways of implementing medical cleaning practice into your commercial cleaning company for offices or residential and how if can be very beneficial to the populations health to help prevent the spread of bacteria or viruses if you would like to learn more check out the ijcsa directory found here

  • 07 Sep 2022 11:40 AM | David Sartin

    Flex Janitorial Services has made the move in to protecting our people and environment by become IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified. To us this means that we are abandoning the use of any chemical that causes real harm to our communities and our world.

    In implementing these changes we are dedicated to only using products and practices that are certified and endorsed by institutions that are charged with tracking these products by our government entities such as OSHA and the Environmental Protection Agency and non-governmental organizations like

    We will institute policies and procedures to ensure the best use of green cleaning procedures/products and put in to practice a system that will allow us to track our progress through evaluations of our personnel and managerial staff, tracking product acquisitions, and staying current on the state of green cleaning practices.

  • 06 Sep 2022 1:47 PM | David Sartin

    The harmful effects of chemical cleaners on the human body is well researched and documented. Their harsh effects on the environment are really just recently being disclosed fully hence the strong push to use green cleaning methods and products that have very little or no harm at all on the environment and the many ecosystems that we heavily rely to survive.

    For years we have known that these harsh chemicals have had terrible effects on our bodies ranging from central nervous system issues all the way down the line to causing multiple forms of cancer. The push to make all of this information available to the public so that we can make strides to protect ourselves has not been given enough attention until recently. Even with proper protections in place these chemicals can still cause harm to us ( through several routes of unintended and, often times, unconscious means. Now that the information is widely available, as we begin to be more conscious of the many problems they create, we are seeing greater care being taken in their use and a strong initiative to abolish these products altogether in favor of sustainable certified organic and green cleaning agents.

    As if harshly damaging our bodies was not enough for us, we are starting to see the devastating effects that these toxic chemicals have on the environment we live in ( ). From killing animals crucial to the balancing of nature to poisoning the water sheds and systems. These chemicals have polluted our air, water, and even our food. Though we are gaining ground on disposing of these menacing chemicals we still have much to do. 

    The introduction of green cleaning and green cleaning methods have given us a vital element in the fight to regain our health and the reclamation of our environment however, it is not yet complete. Education on these chemicals and their purpose still need wide attention. That is one of the primary reasons organizations such as the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) offer training and certification in these important areas.

    Member organizations of the IJCSA have dedicated themselves to creating a better life for not only our communities but also to our planet. You can find these members in our Green Cleaning Services Directory found here:

  • 06 Sep 2022 7:27 AM | Clint Garman

    When water leaks and flooding occur you need to find a professional and get the process of cleaning and drying going within 24-48 hours.  When quick detection of water or moisture doesn't happen the odds increase that mold will be growing.  There are times when water and moisture exposure happen slowly and you don't even realize it's happening.  Unfortunately, just because mold isn't visible, it doesn't mean the mold isn't there.  It might be behind walls, under flooring, in crawl spaces or attics, and hidden from easy observation.  That's why contacting a professional is needed for mold assessment and cleaning.  You can find a professional by searching a Flood Damage Directory with this link

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