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Man dies of emotional distress after being forced to clean Walgreens bathroom, widow says

08 Dec 2016 11:01 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

For 20 minutes, Fernando was threatened and forced to clean and mop the bathroom before he was allowed to leave the store, his wife claims in the suit.

The incident caused Fernando to be “humiliated, disgraced and injured in his feelings, emotionally and mentally,” the lawsuit says.

The emotional distress caused by the situation was so severe that it “resulted in the death of Fernando,” the suit says.

“In all my years in the court system, this is new to me, never seen it,” said WFTV legal analyst Belvin Perry.

Perry said the claim for false imprisonment is a compelling one, but proving it led to the man’s death, which the lawsuit alleges, could be a stretch.

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