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23 Mar 2021 2:13 AM | Randi Moreland

HEALTHLY. It is something everyone wants to be and every manager director nurse or staff member strive to achieve for patients and coworkers. This is why it is so important to hire a cleaning company that is knowledgeable and certified to do it correctly. If your cleaning company doesnt know how to properly clean rooms and medical facilities your risk for lawsuits is high from patients contacting a HAI. 1 in 20 people who are hospitalized contract a HAI and 1.7 million are reported to the CDC each year which 99,000 people die from it each year. 

There are 3 contact based precautions to prevent the spread of Bloodborne pathogens and wearing the proper PPE and cleaning rooms and linens are a strong first step to combat the spread of infection. Cleaning high touch surfaces should be done as follows, Wipe are 4x to remove debris and germs, spray with disinfectant and wait the appropriate time listed on the label to make sure that germs and bacteria and virus' are killed or nuetralized, reappllying solution as necessary and then wiping clean with a wet rag from a disinfectant solution bucket.

Be sure to follow proper procedures on cleaning bodily fluids up and linen with bodily fluids on them. Always be gentle and fold the corners in and then the sides, fold inward and place in a linen bag and never place on the ground.


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