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Adding medical cleaning practices to all areas of your business

25 Mar 2021 1:39 PM | Randi Moreland

Its always better to be overly prepared in life, just as its always better to clean and disinfect to a medical standard in all aspects of your cleaning company. Healthy clients and healthy coworkers are essential to any business and following your medical cleaning training will improve other aspects of your services.

Cleaning your residential clients homes to a higher standard is an easy way to impress your clients by showing that you care for their health and wellbeing and will more likely assure you future business. Going above and beyond sets a certain precedence that a lot of cleaning companies are lacking due to incorrect training. 

Ways you can increase your health and safety and that of your clients is to ensure that you are wearing the proper PPE during a residential clean. If your clients see you making that extra effort will most likely, pleasantly surprise them. Use the 4 wipe method to remove and dirt grime or debris from all surfaces and follow up with a disinfecting treatment for the surface and make sure you use the proper chemical on the correct surface and that it stays wet for the recommended length of time.

Also be sure never to pack by hand a resident or a commercial properties trash as you are at a high risk of being cut by something under the top layer of trash. B sure to use a new rag each room to clean with so as to not transfer any germs or bacteria from one place to another


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