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“How Important Are Janitors & Janitorial Staff to Our Daily Lives”

22 Jul 2021 9:08 PM | Kamala Waller

Janitors and janitorial staff play a huge role in our daily lives by providing a healthy environment by preventing the spread of pathogens, improving indoor air quality, and maintaining an appealing environment. Cleaning is vital to public health and being safe in facilities.  However, janitors get a bad view from people they work for and even people they work with because it’s a cleaning profession.  You’re cleaning up behind people that don’t have the time to clean or it’s just too much to clean, so they hire you to do the cleaning.

There are companies of all sizes who rely on janitorial services to keep workplaces clean, orderly and, perhaps most importantly, properly disinfected and sanitized. Often duties might include mopping floors, wiping down surfaces, removing trash, cleaning carpets and a few other jobs that would not take up a lot of time, but its imperative the jobs are done for safety issues. Some janitorial companies even help with minor repairs and maintaining some of the building’s exterior features, like sidewalks and walkways.

According to statics, janitorial workers experience one of the highest rates of work-related asthma, twice the rate than other workers, stated by an article published by the American Journal of Industrial Medicine. There’s also a host of other dangers that could come from mixing the wrong elements, the increased likelihood of slip-and-fall injuries, not to mention the potential impact on public health if the job is not done right. In spite all of these risks, janitors and janitor staff play a huge role in protecting the health of building residents. They prevent the spread of illness and infection, control indoor air quality, and protect the indoor environment. 


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