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The Option Of Green Cleaning

20 Jun 2019 2:36 PM | Deleted user

I feel that having the option to have a Green Cleaning Program is very beneficial. Some people even though they have an idea about Green Cleaning may not want it. In my experience a lot of people are not educated about how this program can be effective and leave a fresh clean scent. So I would get the attention of the people that I am in business with and if they are open come to a consensus on what Green Cleaning means to them and then continue to educate. Start by putting a plan together to service their needs.I would have a simple agreement to "Do Green". Which would include walk throughs to observe and audit the surroundings. Enlist steps to processes in regards to the goal of the audits. Assess what is needed  and obtain the Green Cleaning Equipment that has to be utilized.

Acquire needed educative materials and educate cleaning crew on keeping abreast and current on Green cleaning processes. Evaluate and monitor by being accountable to the program and key people who are involved which would vary depending on who in the market you are servicing. This Came from the Article Implementing A Green Cleaning Program.

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