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Featured member

Customer Service (IJCSA)

31 Mar 2019 7:02 AM | Deleted user

Exceptional customer service comes when the customer and/or client is heard, understood, and cared for.

Customer service serves as a basis for cleaning and janitorial work. Members of the IJCSA know your needed service is their priority. Basically, the customer is in charge. Upon understanding issues of concern, IJCSA members will provide clear resolutions to fit any needs addressed. All remedies will be discussed and have 100% approval from clients. 

Do you have a cleaning concern? IJCSA members obtain the knowledge expected to effectively execute goods and services. Some of this knowledge can include green cleaning, chemical hazards, bloodborne pathogens, customer service, carpet cleaning, and mold certification. Members are aware of alternative cleaning methods in benefit of customers, their health, and environment. It's clear this team is trustworthy and qualified.  

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