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Featured member

Featured member

IJCSA members providing service excellence

18 Jun 2019 7:18 AM | Christina Freer

Excellent customer service is an essential part of any successful janitorial service.  That is why RCF Commercial Cleaning and the members of the International Janitorial Cleaning Service Association take pride in thoroughly training its leadership staff and employees with the elements necessary for delivering a top-notch experience to our clients. 

As active members of the IJCSA, we understand that customer service is an attitude not just a department and that service with a smile goes a long way.  We are not just here to clean but to create a happy and healthy workplace for our clients to come to each day.  We actively listen to their specific needs and quickly respond, resolve and follow up on any problems that may arise. 

Our goal is to exceed client expectations and build lasting business relationships that earns us repeat and referral business.  We achieve this by demonstrating a commitment for ongoing training and education as well as implementing effective quality and follow up systems for delivering on service promises. Find professional cleaning companies here:


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