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Bloodborne Pathogens & Cleaning Service Employees

04 Jul 2019 7:03 PM | HL Humphries

It is very important to wear the proper safety gear when working in an area where exposure to bloodborne pathogens is possible. You should always wear gloves and eye protection. Gowns and other protection may be needed depending on the conditions. 

A person can contact HBV and HIV by exposure to blood and other body fluids. Care must be taken when working in an area where exposure is possible. A person should not compact the trash with hands due to the chance of sharp items with body fluids. Any one working in an area must be offered a HBV B immunization shot by their employer.

OSHA requires a written plan for all companies working in an area where exposure to Bloodborne pathogens is possible. The plan must be available for all employees to view. 

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