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Bloodborne pathogens in the work place

17 Jun 2019 9:17 PM | Deleted user

OSHA's act on the prevention and clean up of blood pathogens has been in affect since 1992.  This act was and still is intended for the employers to safeguard and protect it's employees against health hazards caused by bloodborne pathogens. 

Employers in areas like schools, doctors offices, and dentist offices are required by law to train their employees on the safe removal of these hazards, but does this training only have to be in these facilities? I ask the question cause I believe that all facilities should have this training. This should be really taken into consideration when having a facilities that houses more than 5 employees in one location. Employees need to know what to do if exposed to such common things like vomit, or tiny cuts in the work place. Although we drop our guard in such relaxed environments such as common work spaces, break rooms, and bathrooms that's no reason for employees in such facilities to be uneducated in such procedures. 

So as employers it is our duties to not only educate our employees in this training but remind them that just because the facility that one is working at isn't a school, or medical facility that one can still encounter these situations.

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