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Optimum Cleaning: Green Cleaning Certification

04 Jan 2021 7:43 PM | Cody Kayser

Optimum cleaning is extremely excited to be offering Green Cleaning services as a part of it's launch date: March 1st 2021. Green cleaning is an important consideration when handling cleaning tasks both commercial and residential.

Optimum Cleaning will have a focus in providing green cleaning products and having the masters green cleaning certification has allowed for a higher level of knowledge when touting the power and effectiveness of those natural cleaning products to customers. Education of our green cleaning products will be a part of our customer education, so that they know that all of the products that we would be using are just as effective as a product that contains hazardous chemicals; however, that the dangerous fumes and potential detrimental health effects of those cleaning products would not exist.

Helping to encourage customers and other companies to offer green cleaning services is an important step toward the health of the planet. We believe in promotion of green cleaning services to the general public and want to support more sustainable and less harmful practices, including the use of cleaning products containing hazardous chemicals.


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