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  • 17 Oct 2017 6:36 AM | Pamela Smith

    To start out Implementing Green Cleaning in a business, I would have to seek out new cleaning products and/or equipment. This may include investing in environmental cleaning products, vacuum cleaners with high-filtration filters, floor machines with dust-control systems to capture impurities, microfiber cleaning cloths and mops, and reduce the need for cleaning chemicals.

     I would then begin new cleaning procedures that help cleaning professionals understand and use the environmentally-preferable products. A Training Program would have to also be implemented to learn the most up-to-date green cleaning procedures. Being green clean often streamlines all cleaning operations and improves the appearance and health of the facilities that you’re cleaning.

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  • 16 Oct 2017 2:39 PM | Harry Springer

    With so many negatives that come along with traditional cleaning methods, going green seems like a no thought choice. So many positives can come by just making this simple choice to be more aware of what is in the products we are cleaning with.

    Harmful chemicals are everywhere and we come in contact with them no matter where we are or what we are doing. The choice to switch and provide a natural clean vs using something that can leave harsh residues on surfaces and leave lingering particles in the air that we are then forced to breathe in can be very hard on our respiratory system causing irritation in our lungs, causing wheezing and shortness in breath.

    Harsh chemicals can also affect our eyes causing itchiness, redness and just be plain out irritating. These are just a few of the adverse side effects and that doesn’t account for the fact that these chemicals can also be absorbed through our skin which can be even more damaging. Since there is no filter to dilute these out, they can have direct effects on our liver and kidney functions.

     Every time we make a conscious choice to use a green product we are not only working to make it a healthier and safer location for those cleaning, but also any person working in these areas. We are also doing our part to help protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and we are able to help reduce any additional effects to our ozone layer.

    Green products are natural which makes them safer to use since there are no chemicals and can be found in nature. There are no adverse effects when going back into the environment and requires no additional forms of processing to make water ways safe or having to worry about what toxic gas could be made if they end up mixing together in water processing plants.

    Saying that you are a green cleaner isn’t enough, you need to make sure you are working with someone that is certified in this manner. Thanks to IJCSA you can be sure that the cleaning company you are using has been through the training and is aware of the processes involved in being green. View the Green IJCSA Cleaning Service Directory to see that we are in fact certified.

  • 15 Oct 2017 8:29 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    So what is this alternative to conventional cleaning products that claims to be healthier for the environment, the human body and does a job just as well?  Yes, green clean is the new clean.  Well if you've eagerly or hesitantly jumped on this band wagon....welcome aboard!  If your interest has been sparked, but you're not quite there, don't give up just yet.

    Having a green cleaning program has many benefits.  People want to be happy.  Good health is a very good start.  Who doesn't want a healthy family, healthy, happy children?  Toxic chemicals can linger in the environment for some time after use.  Green cleaning can reduce the exposure to toxins which can in turn have a positive effect on a person's health, which reduces healthcare costs.  

    People like to save money.  This method of cleaning often comes with less cost because it can made in the comfort your own home.  And most importantly, the green can really clean.  

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  • 14 Oct 2017 2:15 PM | Lakashanna Corpening

    Choosing the best vendor for carpet cleaning is essential in proper maintenance and preserving the overall appearance of carpets.  Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning helps to avoid buildups of mold, mildew, dirt, and allergens. Finding a skilled service provider can be a challenge. You want to choose the right person for the job. Look no further. IJCSA provides a directory of skilled professional carpet cleaners who know how to maintain the quality and appearance of your carpets.

    To access the directory of award winning carpet cleaners, click here In the directory you will find a list of carpet cleaners that are trained on the best and most effective processes for properly cleaning your carpets. Whether you’re a business owner looking to have your commercial office carpets cleaned, or a home owner looking to have your carpets refreshed, IJCSA carpet cleaners will provide you with the highest quality of service that you can trust! 

  • 14 Oct 2017 12:24 PM | Sasha Kuber

    24/7 Commercial Cleaning and the Members of IJCSA practice customer service that goes above and beyond basic expectations! For a company to truly succeed customer service must be a priority as to ensure that customers are listened to, heard and receive exactly what they are asking for. Here at 24/7 Commercial Cleaning we are interactive with our clients and encourage all feedback as we are always wanting to improve and grow as a company. 

    There is a level of respect that comes from having great customer service that lets our clients know that we care! We are the experts in our field however we want our customers to know that they have a voice and opinion that matters and that will always be taken into consideration. Customer satisfaction is our top priority! 24/7 Commercial Cleaning can be found in the IJCSA Business Directory link provided here:

     For any additional information check out our website at 

  • 13 Oct 2017 7:29 AM | Odester Gray

    My business will provide a holistic approach to facilitate the use of "green" or eco-friendly methods, goods and services to protect and inflict minimal or no harm on our environment.  Chemically reactive and toxic cleaning products are avoided.  They contain various toxic chemicals which causes serious health and dermatological problems.

    Procedures are very important to use because they will maximize cleaning results while keeping clients and employees safe and healthy.  Proper training for employees on eco-friendly cleaning strategies will be utilize for a successful program.

    The benefits of using green cleaning products have to deal with the process in which they are manufactured and mixed.  Mixology is important because that is the phase in which much of the toxicity of the chemicals becomes aerosolized.  If mixed inside a negative pressure closet or outside, keep away from kids because this harm can be neutralized. 

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  • 12 Oct 2017 10:28 AM | Sasha Kuber

    The harmful effects of using cleaning chemicals compared to using natural green products are proven to be more riskier because of the harsh chemicals and negative affects it can have as opposed to green products that ensure safety. There are pros and cons to everything but overall the likelihood of something going "wrong" will be with chemical driven products than those that do not have it in their products. 

    "There are about 80,000 well documented chemicals commonly used, but there are many, many more in use whose environmental effects have not been studied or tested. These can range from human health to our environment. According to CBS News, unlike the numerous and heavy regulations imposed on food inspection, there is no such governmental regulation on chemical products. In addition, companies are only required to report primary, dangerous first-hand, hazardous chemicals, causing institutions to ignore chemicals with potential long-term effects or even avoid fully reporting all chemical ingredients present in a product (Smith, 2016)."

    A lot of misinformation has to deal with people not being fully aware with what ingredients are being used and what the harmful effects it can cause. If someone is uninformed and just use the first thing they see instead of doing some research and gaining more knowledge into products it can lead to a potential serious situation that could most likely have been avoided. Like mentioned in the material amyl acetate with is used in furniture polish that can attack the nervous system or Butyl cellosolve that is found in all-purpose cleaners and can irritate mucous membranes that attacks the liver and kidney these are just a couple of harmful products that can have serious impact on someone's health. 

    It is important to be aware and informed with every product and equipment being used as to stress the importance of one's health, others around and the environment. 24/7 Commercial Cleaning can be found in the  IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory to ensure the use of natural and safe non-toxic products will be used in services provided. 

    "If you go green, "No longer will there be chemicals absorbed into the skin or breathed in by the person cleaning. Health benefits extend to family members who are no longer breathing in cleaners lingering in the air and sitting on surfaces. Changing to greener methods helps reduce pollution to our waterways and the air and it minimizes your impact on onzone depletion and global climate change with fewer smog-producing chemicals(Weber, 2017)." It provides a healthier and safe environment than that of products with chemicals that most people are unaware of the hazardous side effects it can cause. 

    Like mentioned in the material there are thousands of harmful ingredients in chemical cleaning products and after reading and studying the material provided I will make sure that our services will provide products that are not harmful and dangerous especially now days where there are a lot of great natural and green cleaning products that work just as great if not better without the harmful side effects and pollution. 

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  • 10 Oct 2017 6:39 PM | Andrew Baynes

    The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association ( provides it's members with a comprehensive training system to learn about the dangers associated with the commonly used chemicals in todays over the counter industrial and household cleaners.   

    Our members are thoroughly trained and tested to make sure you will receive effective cleaning service while at the same time reducing your businesses eco-footprint.  You can have confidence that your desire to do better for your community will be matched by our trained green service providers. 

    To find an IJCSA certified green cleaning company near you or to verify that your current cleaner has received certification from the IJCSA please click this link: IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Providers

  • 09 Oct 2017 6:25 PM | Jamila Fanfair

    For generations carpets have been providing adequate comfort and bringing people together, especially families in common spaces which is why it is equally important to keep them clean as we seek to continuously protect our loved ones. Carpet cleaning over the years has seen the development and introduction of various new products and techniques to achieve that “nothing to complain about” clean. It has even further developed into a progressive and modern practice which involves the use of more eco-friendly products and mechanisms with the aim to contribute to efforts being made to protect humans, animals and the environment from harmful toxins and chemicals which pose several threats to our overall wellbeing. It is against the backdrop of the desire to create safe and healthy environments whether at work, home or elsewhere that the implementation of a carpet cleaning program is necessary.  

    Shield Cleaning plans to continue working towards the development of healthy homes and environments by way of the introduction of an effective carpet cleaning program as part of our various residential and commercial cleaning packages. This program will most importantly facilitate several training sessions for employees on great carpet cleaning. The training will educate and inform employees on the details of carpets which include types, styles, fibers and more which will provide the basis or background needed for tackling the various types of stains or issues which may arise with carpeting. The carpet program will further employ the use of practices such as hot water restoration process and see the use of eco-friendly carpet cleaning products as well as homemade cleaning solutions. However, once again training for employees will be the most important factor included in the carpet cleaning program.

    The implementation of this program will give rise to many benefits not just for our company but for our customers who utilize our services. The first of these benefits will include an economic benefit for our customers. The continuous cleaning and maintenance of carpet will help it to remain in proper condition for years to come which in essence is an increased saving incentive because it mitigates the need to replace your carpeting very often. Another important benefit is the health improvement factor which this program will provide. Carpets have a tendency of holding dust which may very well affect persons with allergies or those who are asthmatic. Moreover, it can contain much dirt and bacteria from trafficking back and forth on the carpeting which can pose serious health risks to humans and animals especially in homes where persons sometimes lay on the carpeting and cleaning them can mitigate these risks.

    Keeping carpeting clean wherever it may be is essential for a thriving society. Find us in the IJCSA Carpet Cleaning Directory here. 

  • 03 Oct 2017 9:37 AM | Beverley Brathwaite

    Commercial cleansers, which contain 25 to 30 percent ammonia are extremely dangerous because they are highly corrosive. Higher concentrations of ammonia may cause corrosive injury including skin burns, permanent eye damage or even blindness. It can also cause immediate burning of the throat and respirator tract.

    sodium hydroxide can burn and eat away at any part of the body that it contacts. Breathing sodium hydroxide dust or mist causes mild or serious effects, depending on the amount of exposure. Effects may include sneezing, sore throat or runny nose.

    Triclosan is a known endocrine disruptor  and a suspected carcinogen. There is a good reason to believe that the over use of products with triclosan has contributed to bacterial resistance in the same way we are cautioned against the use of antibiotics. The persistent nature that is connected to the use of triclosan being washed down our drains daily and effecting water life.

    In order to change ammonia into a green cleaning product that is safe for home and commercial use combine 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap or detergent, and 2 cups of water is a spray bottle. This makes the best green window cleaner. Shake to blend and spray.

    Sodium hydroxide is usually used as a scrubbing agent. You can get the same cleaning cleaning and scrubbing power from baking soda and water that will make this into a safe green cleaning product. Mix a little baking soda with water until you have a thick paste. This mixture will clean even the toughest greasiest job.

    The green alternative for Triclosan is vinegar. Most types of vinegar are great for killing surface bacteria. When diluted in water vinegar is gentle enough to use on most furniture and even may be used topically on the skin if desired. Most find the smell to be unpleasant. For this reason it is often recommended to not only dilute with distilled or purified water but also to add some fragrant essential oils.

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