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  • 24 May 2017 3:48 PM | Harry Springer

    We would like to add carpet cleaning to our list of services we provide. Anyone can clean carpets that, however, doesn’t necessarily say that they are being cleaned correctly. Having your carpets cleaned by a IJCSA member lets you know that your carpets are being cleaned by a company that has taken the time to become certified and that they are offering you the best services available.

    Carpet cleaning offers your work area another level of clean that vacuuming alone cannot do.  Carpet cleaning removes stuck in dirt and dust particles while removing stains which doesn’t only improve the look of your carpets but also improves overall health benefits. Providing a cleaner, healthier environment will increase the morale of employees.

  • 22 May 2017 7:41 AM | Harry Springer

    As a newly founded cleaning company we are looking to provide a cleaner, more environmentally friendly and healthier option for our clients. As a cleaning business owner we want to provide a healthier environment for our employees as well. We use cleaning products daily and need to eliminate toxic chemicals that could harm us as well as our clients.

    Green cleaning means improved health and safety of both humans and our surrounding environment. Green cleaning can improve air quality in buildings such as schools, hospitals, and offices. By replacing toxic chemicals, which can linger in the air and on surfaces long after use, with eco friendly cleaning you can implement a healthier environment for you and your employees. Green clean is a true kind of clean all around. With so many benefits of green cleaning why wouldn't you GO GREEN?

    Find A IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 21 May 2017 10:16 PM | Roseline Dike

    Great janitorial service seeks to ensure that businesses have a spotless office environment to support the work they do and forget their worries about office cleaning.  Having the knowledge, training, and proper attitude efficiently helps customers achieve their office goal.

    The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association, which represents one of the fastest growing industries in the World, is known for the training and education they provide. If you are looking for a janitorial service that has strong track record of customer satisfaction and retention, commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, attracting, hiring and training the highest qualified employees, quality assurance and performance measurement, listening and responding to your customers’ needs, financial strength and stability, and strong local presence check IJCSA Business Directory.


  • 19 May 2017 8:39 AM | Harry Springer

    With so many negatives that come along with traditional cleaning methods, going green seems like a no thought choice. So many positives can come by just making this simple choice to be more aware of what is in the products we are cleaning with.

    Harmful chemicals are everywhere and we come in contact with them no matter where we are or what we are doing. The choice to switch and provide a natural clean vs using something that can leave harsh residues on surfaces and leave lingering particles in the air that we are then forced to breathe in can be very hard on our respiratory system causing irritation in our lungs, causing wheezing and shortness in breath.

    Harsh chemicals can also affect our eyes causing itchiness, redness and just be plain out irritating. These are just a few of the adverse side effects and that doesn’t account for the fact that these chemicals can also be absorbed through our skin which can be even more damaging. Since there is no filter to dilute these out, they can have direct effects on our liver and kidney functions.

     Every time we make a conscious choice to use a green product we are not only working to make it a healthier and safer location for those cleaning, but also any person working in these areas. We are also doing our part to help protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and we are able to help reduce any additional effects to our ozone layer.

    Green products are natural which makes them safer to use since there are no chemicals and can be found in nature. There are no adverse effects when going back into the environment and requires no additional forms of processing to make water ways safe or having to worry about what toxic gas could be made if they end up mixing together in water processing plants.

    Saying that you are a green cleaner isn’t enough, you need to make sure you are working with someone that is certified in this manner. Thanks to IJCSA you can be sure that the cleaning company you are using has been through the training and is aware of the processes involved in being green. View the Green IJCSA Cleaning Service Directory to see that we are in fact certified.

  • 17 May 2017 10:52 PM | Harry Springer

    Don't just leave it up to someone just saying we are Green cleaners. Go Green with us! Not only do we say we clean Green but we have the certifications to back it up. Certified through IJCSA so you can verify for yourself that we are staying compliant to keep you compliant. Visit the Green Cleaning Service Directory to know you are in good hands with us.

  • 17 May 2017 7:14 AM | Deleted user
    Dear Commercial Cleaning Business Owne.  Are you at a plateau in your sales and growth just searching for a way to get over the hump? Perhaps it is time to start thinking about using Eco-friendly or "green" products & services. The market has dramatically switched in the last few years with customers now demanding that what they purchase be friendly to the environment and to others. Stop using those harmful cleaning agents in your clients workplace. They negatively contribute to the health of their workers, your workers, and their customers as well. Times have changed and its time to get on with them. Make the switch today and start giving your clients what the deserve! Check out the Green Cleaning Services Directory for more info!
  • 15 May 2017 5:47 AM | Jesus Perez

    Janitorial Cleaning Professionals is proud to say that we are the best in town when it comes to the best Carpet Cleaning Services. As we continue to grow in the cleaning industry the plan is to get to the top and provide the best customer satisfaction in the County. With that said from the owner to the employees we all must be carpet cleaning certified and offer nothing but the best so for carpet cleaning you know who to call, the number is 805-320-1067! Looking forward to making you not just another great customer but another friend in this beautiful County of Ventura!

    Find More Carpet Cleaning Companies Here

  • 14 May 2017 5:45 PM | Simone Campbell
    According to Environmental Working Group’s investigation, more than 2,000 cleaning supplies contain substances linked to serious health problems. Regular exposure to harsh chemicals in common household products have been linked to asthma, cancer and respiratory problems. Unlike our digestive system, our skin does not protect us against these toxins. When we absorb harmful chemicals from our cleaning products it goes straight to our organs.

    Many of the household cleaners we use in our homes are convenient and used to make our lives easier. However, we fail to realize the consequences of using many of these chemicals. According to Poison Control, dish washing detergent accounts for more accidental poisonings than any other substance particularly in households with small children.

    Alternatively, when we use green cleaning products we do not have to worry about chemicals being breathed in or absorbed into our bodies.Green cleaning products are a healthy alternative and can reduce the chances of developing chemical induced illnesses.

    Cleaning products are known to release harmful chemicals into our environment but changing to eco-friendly methods, helps reduce pollution to the air and minimizes impact on the environment. Most green products also use recyclable packaging which minimizes waste.

    Green cleaning products can be cost effective and also made at home. The natural essential oils, also have a soothing aroma versus the overpowering smells of chemical cleaners. There is no question that cleaning with natural environmentally-friendly products is much healthier than the impact of harsh chemicals on our health, home, and the environment.

    Going green is all about finding the right solutions for you and understanding the benefits. Make your next clean a healthy one by searching our Green Cleaning Directory at
  • 13 May 2017 2:10 PM | Deleted user
    Sweeps LLC didn't always have carpet cleaning as a special service, but quickly added this service as per requested by potential customers. My company generally was based around janitorial Services and move in/move out cleaning and I contracted in someone who cleaned carpets. I've learned that carpet cleaning is very beneficial to my company and although equipment isn't cheap it's worth the expense.

    The benefit to having this service is because if it's done regularly it can prevent so much and also provide a better cleaner look to your carpet. Carpet cleaning can prevent pollutants trapped in your carpet left behind by daily use, also mold and dust mites, stains and foot traffic.. For home use I would recommend to help keep the air clean and cut down on allergies issues you and your kids might have. In a work setting wow your customers with a great first impression of having a clean looking, smelling and essentially all around clean environment. 

    Find A IJCSA Carpet Cleaning Company Here

  • 13 May 2017 1:57 PM | Deleted user

    As a home owner or a business owner I sure you have plenty of spills and stain to you carpets, whether it be from pets, kids, parties or employees. Have you been trying to clean it on your own and haven't had the best results? Carpet cleaning requires some technique and provide not just a clean look but environmentally it's better for the air. If your Looking for a carpet cleaning service near you? Try IJCSA Directory at

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