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Featured member

Proud to Be Green!

11 Jun 2019 11:08 AM | Deleted user

Serene Spaces Services LLC is proud to be a green cleaning company.  Through our own research and learning as well as through the green cleaning certification program at IJCSA, we have learned the tremendous impact that using green products and practices can make on our clients and on our environment, and it feels good to be able to make this difference.

When we service our clients, we bring with us all that we will need to complete a green cleaning, so our clients do not have to worry about providing any chemicals, especially since many may not be familiar with green vs. non-green products.

When we complete the job, our clients will be smiling because of the job well done, we will be smiling because of our clients' satisfaction, and our Earth will be smiling because we are doing our best to take care of Her.

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