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The Various Benefits of Green Cleaning Programs

02 Mar 2020 3:06 PM | Katie Vogel Lossner

As a small, locally owned business, it is important to rise noticeably above the competition. One important way to achieve the goal of standing out from a crowd in what can sometimes feel like a saturated market is to show potential customers that their health, safety, and well being is first and foremost. Cleaning is, after all, a service industry - driven by caring for customers, their families, and their most precious and personal environment: their home.

Obviously, green products are far better for our planet than their chemical, man-made counterparts due to biodegradability, sustainability, and toxicity among other factors, but the benefits they offer are also keenly felt inside a home. When considering products to use in cleaning someones home, much consideration should be given to the residents of the home, and the health impacts that such products can have. Green products and cleaning can provide assurance that children, pets, people with respiratory or skin sensitivities, the elderly, and other at-risk groups, as well as largely healthy individuals, will not come to any harm as a side effect of a cleaning service. Providing this assurance to potential customers by using products known to be safer allows the customer to enjoy a cleaner home environment without worry of side-effects, and allows the business to showcase commitment to a healthier home environment for potential customers as well as a healthier world for all of us.

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