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Green Cleaning Certified

20 Feb 2021 3:53 PM | Hannah Hollingsworth

I, Hannah Hollingsworth, have completed the Green Cleaning certification course and have met all of its requirements. Dirty Blonde Painting and Cleaning can proudly state that it is tentatively IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified!

Within my business, I plan to implement a green cleaning routine to encourage my workers and my community to seek out the healthiest and safest cleaning alternatives for their homes. Using EWG's green cleaning guide, and putting my personal knowledge into practice, my goal is to bring safe, efficient, all natural, and green cleaning products into one's space to deliver exceptional cleaning service. I will train anyone that works with me how to research, use, and maintain green cleaning practices that they may be able to incorporate within their own homes.

Dirty Blonde Painting and Cleaning will never take a shortcut, and will always go the extra mile to ensure the safety of its clients. I will proudly advertise and encourage the use of natural cleaning methods, and sharing and educating those methods with others to create a well-versed community. Life is too short to use cleaning agents that do nothing more than continue to shorten our lifespans, poison our waterways, and harm our environment. You can give Dirty Blonde Painting and Cleaning the "green" thumbs up of approval.


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