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What green cleaning has done for me

29 Dec 2018 6:25 AM | Alberto Atallah

I've spoken before about the benefits of green cleaning for people around you. Your customer, the people around them, their overall environment enjoys cleaner air, not burdened by chemicals from conventional cleaning tools. The environment gets a little more breathing room, your employees enjoy a good working morale, and better health as well. It's easy to see how these benefits would add to me as an individual, as well as my business.

I've mentioned how offering green cleaning adds a selling point to your brand, because of the benefits I mentioned earlier. The satisfaction of knowing you're helping conserve the ecosystem, being responsible and practically adept, helps me find more pride in the work. Natural, green cleaning components are a cost-effective way of providing cleaning solutions in several cases. Did you know an effective furniture cleaner can be made up of a mixture of vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice? These are common household items you can use, that have no effect on the environment you apply them to.

As a company, the community that I service has the satisfaction that I'm providing an effective, elegant, but also eco-friendly solution to their problems. Green cleaning is not meant to lower service quality, but rather improve it. The title of a previous post was "There's no excuse to not hire green cleaning services", which I wholeheartedly believe. If companies are going out of their way to provide healthier, cost effective, and quality solutions for their clients, all the more reason to consider them. 

Becoming IJCSA Green certified is a major advantage for your cleaning company. The standards set in this program make sure anyone running a cleaning service offers an eco-friendly, quality solution for their customers. As an individual, I feel better knowing I can do my trade without condemning the environment, while still helping the community. Look out for a green-certified company in this directory:


  • 29 Dec 2018 8:53 PM | Lisa Lemons
    Green cleaning has made a huge difference in my cleaning business. I feel good that I'm able to provide a safe working environment for myself and my staff, as well as, our clients. When I decided to add cleaning services to my business we used your typical household chemical cleaners, but the one cleaner that set off huge alarm bells is the toxic fumes of "oven cleaners." Easy Off and Awesome are just a couple of toxic oven cleaners on the market. The fumes are so bad we started wearing masks.
    After doing some research I found a vinegar and lemon rind mix as an oven cleaner desgreaser. This mixture is amazing not only does it degreases the oven we also use it on the tub and shower.
    Moving to green cleaning I have found it to be not only safer but it's a huge costs savings.
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