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Being Green Cleaning Certified Is Without A Doubt Life Changing.

16 May 2019 7:18 AM | Deleted user

Being Green Cleaning Certified is without a doubt life changing. It's satisfying to know i'm making a positive impact toward the health of others, myself, and the environment. After all, the amount of toxic chemicals in the world today is unsettling. 

I knew being Green Cleaning Certified would benefit me after my first study session. Being aware of our surroundings is very important, although there does seem to be a lack of observation in society these days.  Of course i've known there are plenty of hazardous products used and consumed today, but once reading how many solvents and other petroleum based chemicals have been shown to cause brain or other nerve damage (with repeated exposure) and "In the average American home, around 63 synthetic chemical products can be found", both stated by the IJCSA Green Certification course, I evoked an urge to protect myself, others, and the planet as a whole. (I must admit the motivation boost was somewhat of a surprise, yet suitable.) The green path has enlightened me to make a difference.

If i acknowledge others on unknown, or maybe even overlooked, risks maybe it will reverse caused harm to their health. If not the case or beside from reverse health risks, applying green practices may (at the least) improve morale and/or lost optimism within the degradation of the planet. More often than not, people want to change or make a difference in the world. Further, less use and/or production of damaging products to the ecosystem would help reduce global warming and overall serve the environment. Follow this Green Cleaning Services link to find others making a green difference today.

The damages of repeated exposure to toxic products seem a high price against avoidable and eco-friendly alternatives. Being Green Cleaning Certified offers benefits in a domino-like manner, starting with the individual. As health risks reduce and self-esteem increases with the green lifestyle and or certification, others recognize and are more likely to repeat such behavior. Ultimately the environment benefits from the healthy habits of its inhabitants. I imagine these events could show vigorous changes in Ecology--the interdisciplinary scientific study of the interactions between organisms and the interactions of these organisms with their environment (Green cleaning certification course). It's pleasing to know my habits are healthy for not only me, but my surroundings too.


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